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George W. Bush   -   2002/09/19Viewed 191 times this month, last update: 2004/11/21

George W. Bush is the worst president this country has ever had. He has defiled our government, our troops, our economy, and the memory of those 2700 dead.

I don't even care about the party lines anymore. Bush is not just Republican, he's an ultra-conservative who will lie, cheat and steal with no regret, or remorse over the damage caused. He has made deep inroads into the destruction of our form of government, and our freedoms. (See PATRIOT act, and same-sex marriage amendment.) He has murdered tens of thousands of Afganistanis and Iraqis, and over 1000 US troops in a war that was more ill-conceived, and less moral than the Vietnam war.

George W. Bush is ruining this great country. He is knocking out the underpinnings of our culture, freedom and economy one after another.

Please, please, for the love of our country, for the love of the generations to come after us, think hard about how you vote this November. Throw away party affiliations. If you're a republican, and absolutely must vote republican, write-in McCain. Write in or vote for anyone, anyone but a man who has proven himself a liar and a cheat. Help save this country from close-mindedness and corruption. Please.

I am making a great effort to collect articles with as little spin as possible, if you need a starting point, here are some:
Crawford Iconoclast: 2004 Iconoclast Presidential Endorsement
New York Times: How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence
PC World: GOP Voter Vault Shipped Overseas
National Review Online: Creative Accounting Only Goes So Far
In These Times: They knew...
Guardian Unlimited: PM admits graves claim 'untrue'

Click Here to view the first 31 comments to this article!

John (2004-09-18): What's the alternative? Someone like Clinton? "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" lol shit that was funny tv :) (honesty eh? *rolls eyes*)
Oh and let's not get started on Rwanda...
Kudos to Bush for going in strong on Sudan by way of sanctions...oh wait let's not mention these things...

Erik (2004-09-19): How does the Lewinski "scandal" make Clinton worse than coke-head Bush? How was the Clinton's property "scandal" worse than the Halliburton's no-bid win of the Iraqi oil contracts?

I'm the last one to expect honesty out of politicians, but I've never seen any politician lie so much, so blatantly, in the fact of so much contrary facts! He doesn't even respect us enough to make up good lies!

John (2004-09-19): How do you get to decide which is worse and by what standards?
Decide this one then: Which was worse, the President that stood idly by(along with other world leaders), whilst hundreds upon thousands of Tutsis were slaughtered. (By the way if Clinton had fulfilled his obligations under international conventions, a rapid response force would have been sent to halt the killing, or the President that invaded Iraq under false pretences to free a country from a dictator, and lets not be naive here, a country that were it of democratic governance would have enormous benefits for the US. Which was worse?
I neither expect honesty from politicians, and neither am I overly pro Bush. In fact I had hoped Gen Clark would get the dem. nod. However, given the choice that now exists I would vote for Bush. Americans have become so polarised..."Bush is the devil" crowd versus "Bush is God" crowd...sigh what a waste of time...politicians lie all the time, let's not get our panties in a bunch over it. If Bush haters themselves were in the same position as Bush they would probably have done the same.
I cannot stand the Bush policy of pre emptive strikes, but that doesn't preclude me from understanding where the guy is coming from. What if Putin,in the wake of Beslan, invaded Uzbekistan because they were harbouring Chechen rebels. Does that make him evil?
The arguments against Bush are that he lied. Holy shit! Stop the presses! A politician lied! How do you know that you've never seen a politician lie so much? Maybe you have and you just didn't know it. lol shakes head...you would think more of Bush if he made up "good lies"?...oh yeah then there's the crowd saying what about the environment! Kyoto was abandoned. Why? It would have cost the States too much, that's why. But let's forget about that coz there's lots of Bush haters around who drive to work in SUV's, and rile against his record on the environment.
A word of advice dude, don't get so worked up about Bush. After all, what's the alternative? Kerry? Screw that. Then I'd miss reading entertaining pieces like on this site lol.
Peace out dude,
a fellow democrat

Me again (2004-09-19): lol oh yeah, forgot to add...lots of people have done coke...does that make them bad people in your book? (or unfit to govern, unfit to be parents, unfit just in general?)

Brian (2004-09-21): Since national security is such a big issue, will you vote for Kerry?
A man who missed 75% of all national security meeting in 2003, and a man so bent on national security he has missed every meeting this year.
And people talk about Bush being on vacation. Give me a break.
Kerry is a broken record. He just keeps talking, but about topics he has no solution for. All he has done is identify problems. NO SOLUTIONS!!!!! Great for President, no way.
If his 20+ years in the Senate are any indication of his skills, only a fool would vote for Kerry. He votes one way, then later decides that it was wrong, well as soon as the liberal media decides it is.

Just venting, Erik even though we differ in political views, I must say your bumper design for you Rover it cool. I plan on doing mine as well, and grafted some of your ideas. Thanks for posting it.

Erik (2004-09-25): I don't blame you guys much for seeing what you do. The republican propaganda machine is awesome indeed. As I've said before, Kerry isn't my first choice either, but if the choice is between a wuss and a liar, I'll choose the wuss any day. Bush has cost lives, thousands uppon thousands of lives. From Iraqis to Afganis, to the people in the World Trade Towers, far too many lives. I'd vote a ficus in over him.

CAS (2004-10-03): How was the towers Bush's fault if they entered the country with a plan during the Clinton years?

Erik (2004-10-04): The World Trade Tower attacks are not singularly Bush's fault, any more than they are singularly Clinton's fault. Both could have done more to prevent it. However, Bush is using the attack as a political platform!

CBS (2005-02-26): Hi Erik,
As with other blogs, the liberals seem to have disappeared. I see no posts to this one since the election. Although I am sickened by the way this country is going and so discouraged and now appathetic, I still want to find so way to turn this country back around. I find it hard to believe that we continue to let these folks run all over us. Do you have ideas beyond the bellyaching?

Erik (2005-02-27): CBS, I have a few related articles, like Super Tuesday, 2004, Black Wednesday and Ifulmuh. As for what we can do, first and formost: Get the word out. Talk with, not to your undecided and republican friends. Secondly, support the people you really like, for instance: Barbra Boxer's grilling of Condoleeza Rice deserves at least a letter. Thirdly, support some causes. I still believe that the election was rigged, so I have contributed to BlackBoxVoting.org, an organization that works to secure electronic voting, and to expose it's insecurities.

I'm afraid we're in it for the long haul. It's going to take America a long time to get over this neo-con fad, but ever day we shave off of that is real lives.

YooperJohn (2005-04-01): Wow, up in my redneck part of the country I was beginning to think that I was one the last few who see G. W. for what he is. It's nice to know that not everyone is blinded. Thanks Eric

Bill B (2005-10-24): I think Bush is doing ok for what he has to work with. He had to spend his first 4 years cleaning up the mess that Clinton left behind, and then there was 9/11. He's also had to finish what the liberal media stopped his father from finishing... getting rid of Saddam Insane. That should have been accomplished 14 years ago! At least Clinton should have done something besides screwing around trying to be "popular" and just throwing a couple missiles over that way.... he did a half-a$$ed job, if you ask me. Most people don't realize (or prefer not to accept) that the changes a president makes take several years to take affect. The things that Geo. Bush Sr. did finally started being noticed during Clinton's reign. The things that Clinton did are just now becoming evident. Contrary to popular belief, he did not wipe out the deficit. He simply forgave a lot of debts and stopped spending money on things that he should have spent it on... that's why we're in the predicament we are in now. Pretending that the deficit isn't there is NOT solving the problem. Not enough money was spent on protecting our citizens, and we dropped out guard. Because of this, we are quickly falling from our stance as the most powerful nation in the world.

Now we are in the middle of World War III (Yes, we are! No one said it had to be a nuclear war). This is a war that will be going on for many years, at least until we eliminate the radical Muslim extremists who, by the way, will not stop until the rest of us "infidels" are all D-E-A-D. The US citizens had better start believing that. They have been planning this war for several decades, and they have just started acting on their plans. I will support ANY president who will make this war a number 1 priority! It has to be! If we don't take this seriously, then life in the free world as we now it will be over. Anyone who doesn't see that is either blind, ignorant, or perpectually stoned.
We, that's my 2 cents. :) Good luck America, we're gonna need it!

Bill B (2005-10-24): By the way, I've been on two tours in Iraq. 99.9% of the troops over there totally agree that this is a necessary war, and are willing to sacrifice their lives to secure the future of the citizens of the free world. Who gives a rat's a$$ what the media says. But, that's a whole different rant... how the media is all speculation and commentary, and very little FACT. That's all I want from the media... FACTS! If they don't have any, then they should shut the heII up!

tomi Okunola (2007-04-17): Whao this serious any way that is the same thing we're experiencing in Nigeria today, the nigerian president had succeeded in rigging the recent Election in the Country ,His Party Memebers were stealing Ballot Boxes from polling boots. i pray god Almighty will Help us

Paul (2008-02-20): Pansy ass, candy ass idiots. It takes sacrifice and determination and a steel jaw to win a war. Were you knuckleheads taught how many soldiers were lost in ONE HOUR during the Normandy invasion? Probably not. Look it up. Our soldiers (two of which are in my family) are GLAD to be in Iraq doing what they know is right. So uncuff yourselves from your trees, pick up a shovel and get in the trenches for Pete's sake.

Erik (2008-03-13): Paul,
It does indeed take sacrifice and determination to win a war. However, it takes neither of those qualities to fake justification for a war, then send the sons and daughters of the poor to fight that war for you. No one on the Bush famility, the Rumsfeld family or the Cheny family sacrificed a damn thing for this war. In fact, they've all gotten obscenely rich(er) from it.

We're in the trenches Paul, and we're fighting the good fight: To keep a corrupt, greedy man from killing thousands of our own soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of innocents in order to line his own pockets.

Jocko (2009-02-25): If you think Bush was bad. Wait until the dems get thru with you. They have already doubled the deficit just in there first month in office.

Erik (2009-02-26): Jocko,
Obmama is cleaning up Bush's mess, and doing it in the right way, according to every reputable economist. Obama's not to blame for the current mess. We all know exactly where that blame goes.

dw (2009-12-27): Perpetuation of ignorance based on lack of analysis of facts. Do your research. Look at all the facts, not just those that you want to see. Learn about politics, government economics and sociology, then draw conclusions. Oh, and stop watching the 'news.'

George (2011-04-24): Hmm… Bushes mess... Coke-head Bush... I don't think all the problems in this country can be attributed to just one presidency nor repaired with name calling. Obama has admitted to doing cocaine as a youth and I don’t see you tattooing coke-head Obama on our newest president.
I do know that for the last 2 years Bush was in office, the democrats controlled the Senate (including Obama in the Senate) and Congress. They legislated the laws which got us into some of the mess we are in today. Bush was called the lame duck president back then so he couldn’t have done much in a democrat controlled Congress and Feddie and Fanny were a total disaster even then and needed stopping, not more enticement to make unqualified loans.
Obama, a then Senator of Illinois, was running for office telling us we need to initiate the TARP program and bail out the people which really was written to bail out the bankers only. As a Senator he helped write it.
Bush got us into a war because of the same things Obama did with Libya (a maniacal tyrant torturing his countrymen). Only Bush led us to believe it was over WMDs, which no one has proved he wasn’t acting on the same information that congress had when they voted to go to war with Iraq to begin with.
Since Obama, the US debt limit must be stretched from 11.2 to 12 to 13 and now 14 trillion to stay afloat? All anyone can do is say, Obama had to go this far to get us out of the mess Bush got us into? While inflation is now out of control, oil prices are through the roof, more wars in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, who knows where else next month, the dollar is worthless in Canada, Mexico and other countries around the globe, insurance premiums are out of site and the insurance companies are insuring less now than a year ago, there is more racial discrimination in our country now than ever, and people think this president is worthy of a second term?
Please keep the level of debate to a higher bar on this site and reduce the name calling if you would like to see more involvement.

See also: Super Tuesday, 2004, Black Wednesday, Ifulmuh, Victory in 2006!, Some People's Comments, President Barack Obama!


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